Create an atmosphere  fantastic and harmonious wherever you go. Once you have experienced aromatherapy it becomes essential, it is like carrying a vial of peace with you always.

Ensueño - Aromatherapy Breeze 30ml

Brisa Ensueño Devitare

Is it hard for you to fall asleep?
La Brisa Ensueño has a blend of essential oils that we recommend sprinkling on your pillow just as you go to sleep. Breathe in the essential oil blend, these will help you  to easily relax until you fall asleep.
Double your effectiveness at work by having a deep and restorative rest.

Protection - Aromatherapy Breeze 30ml

Brisa Proteccion Devitare

Have you not felt tired and without energy?
There are days when we bring more negative thoughts than normal, the protective breeze helps to change your mood from negative to positive, with hope, greater energy, balance and also clears the energy from some heavy place.
Get everything you propose  with more energy than usual.

Relaxing - Aromatherapy Breeze 30ml

Brisa Relajante Devitare

Do you feel that you sleep but do not rest?
You are in moments of relaxation and yoga but it is hard for you to let go of your body. The relaxing breeze is ideal for such moments. It is a fresh floral scent that calms in moments of anxiety, centers your mind, clears fears  and provides deep and restorative rest.
Eliminate restlessness in your daily life.

Breathe - Aromatherapy Breeze 30ml

Brisa Respira Devitare

Do you suffer  seasonal allergies or frequent flu?
The Breathe breeze clears your airways, calms allergies, reduces symptoms such as watery eyes, stuffy nose, dry nose and consequently you will feel much better. Occupy it in your clothes, in a scarf, in your pillows so that when you breathe deeply, you can also rest.
Improve your daily sensation by forgetting about allergy discomfort and achieve everything you set out to do.

No Stress - Aromatherapy Breeze 30ml

Brisa Sin Estrés Devitare

Has it happened to you that when you have a lot of stress, you focus less?
This is a consequence of our mind being scattered by wanting to cover many situations at the same time, which is why it is a distracting factor, which is the inverse of the approach we need. The stress-free breeze helps you concentrate and continue working with courage, without making you sleepy. You can also occupy it when headaches arise.
Eliminate the stress of your daily life and you will increase the desired productivity to have more time available to you.