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Taking care of your body, harmonizing your life.

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Imagine what you will achieve in your daily life if you feel in balance.

We have developed a range of aromatherapy and natural personal care products for you.



Feel safe and confident every day, forgetting about odors when sweating and  without fear of future illness. Use  natural and healthy deodorants. We have 4 different ones for your skin type and your type of mood.

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Essential oils

Turn workplace meetings into conversations full of trust and communication, or make your home an oasis of relaxation.
Discover the wonderful  spectrum  of high quality essential oils that we carry.


Natural Soaps

Discover the magical moment of  bath,  feel  a caress on the skin with soaps created from  coconut oil.  

Your skin will appreciate you taking care of it with nature and harmony.



Create a fantastic and harmonious atmosphere  wherever you go. Once you have experienced aromatherapy it becomes essential, it is like carrying a vial of peace with you always.

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Body care

Get young skin and  hydrated is a matter of providing the it with the necessary vitamins and fatty acids for nutrition.
Loving you and taking care of you also shows.


Jewelry with Intent 

Achieves  a daily dose of peace of mind, balance, well-being and harmony, through the use of japa mala for meditation.  


Zero Waste = Plastic Free

We contribute in the options for the reduction in the use of plastic.

Libros abiertos


Increase your knowledge with the Ebooks and Manuals that we have created with much love and dedication for you


Jewelry with Intent 

Achieve a daily dose of peace of mind, balance, well-being and harmony, through the use of japa mala for meditation.  

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Our Clients say

Vero romero, testimonio.jpeg
Karen, testimonio.jpeg
Nadia, testimonio.jpeg

More than 5 years ago I started using Devitare products. I had my reservations regarding its effectiveness, as of today I can say that  They are excellent.  I am a frequent customer of facial soap, deodorant, ointment (which helps my daughter a lot with her leg pain due to exercise), try them you will not regret it ...

Veronica R

I have known Devitare for 6 years. I love it because it has helped me take care of myself and connect with myself. My favorite product is the breeze breathes, it helps me decongest and dispel the uncomfortable runny nose due to allergies or sinusitis.

Karen DL

I have known Devitare since its inception, around 2009.  I started using them and recommending them to my family (my mom and sister have been using them since then). The product I like the most is wand diffusers, I use them in my business and they give a pleasant and relaxing scent when I am stressed. They also last a long time.

Nadia R

Dafne, testimonio.jpg
Tere, testimonio.jpg
Paola, testimonio.jpg

I knew about the products 8 years ago but I consider myself a fan for 5. I love body butters,  my skin dehydrates very quickly and only Devitare butters keep my skin moisturized throughout the day.

Dafne G

I have known Devitare since its inception, it is difficult to choose a favorite product but mine is the breeze. It breathes, it has a delicious aroma and it is super effective, as soon as you breathe in it you feel how it clears your airways, it has been a great ally when I struggle with flu.

Tere M

I have known Devitare for years, I like butters but my favorite products are lavender deodorants in bars and liquid, since the ones I buy at the supermarket do not work for me in summer.

Paola V

About us

Since 2008, Devitare has created high quality 100% natural products. It all started out of a need for Vane, the creator of the brand, when at the age of 22 she was diagnosed with cancer. She spent 2 years in conventional therapy and another 2 with alternative therapies. This need was what prompted the creation of high-quality, natural products that nourish your body without being intoxicated in the long term. Vane is a Chemical Engineer from UNAM.
We are proud to have clients  happy in various states of the Mexican Republic and we want to reach your heart to stay there.